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Single Origin Dark Chocolate Mini Bar

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Marou source their beans from five provinces across Vietnam. For their core range, they have chosen a different cocoa percentage for the bars from each region, from the Tiền Giang 70% up to the Bến Tre 78%. Each region has its own distinctive flavour notes, and Marou have chosen recipes that enhance their unique qualities.

Marou’s attention to detail doesn’t stop at the chocolate itself though. Every aspect of the of the way each bar looks and feels has been carefully thought out, with particular care and attention being given to the wrapping. A finished bar of Marou chocolate is a small work of art, and unwrapping it takes you on a journey deep into the provinces of Vietnam!

DAK LAK 70% Complex flavour with a spicy finish

DONG NAI 72% A well rounded spicy, fruity chocolate 

TIEN GIANG 70% Notes of fruit, honey and cinnamon

LAM DONG 74% Intense with hints of dried fruit

BA RIA 76% Distinct chocolate with red fruit notes

BEN TRE 78% A bold yet balanced cacao presence


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